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Stop guessing and start knowing...

Get FREE access to our Launch Profit Calculator today. Our calculator is so easy to use. Simply input the required metrics and BOOM - you get your revenue predictions.

Plan your best year ever and discover where you need to be to smash your 2022 launch revenue goals.

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Why knowing your numbers is the key to scaling...

Knowing how your launches could perform based on your numbers right now is great. But... in order to get to that next level you have to grow your list, increase your price or increase the number of launches in a year.

Our calculator makes it so easy to see how current and future launches could perform (based on our own student averages).

There are many benefits to knowing these figures:

  • Having a revenue goal (and knowing the target numbers to get there) will help shape your marketing strategy for the next year.
  • All successful entrepreneurs know their numbers, and what they want their numbers to be.
  • You can launch right now with more confidence... knowing what you need to do to achieve your revenue goals.

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